My PD Practice

Technology plays an important role in learning – both in the classroom and outside of it. BUT it is not enough! Pedagogy must trump technology. The use of technology in any learning situation must be purposeful and relevant. Always.

Teachers are what make the difference between a good education and a great one. More than ever, we need to continue developing our craft as the teaching landscape changes so quickly. Technology has helped to widen our access to good PD opportunities, allowing our professional development to be personalized and practical. All of this, takes practice.

On this blog I will share observations and best practices about technology and professional development in Adult Education.

Some of my beliefs are:

Stories are what bring us together.
Shared stories can create wonderful things.
Sharing is good.
I do my best work when I listen to others needs.
I do even better work when I listen for missing voices.
Technology is not separate from everything else.
But I need to make sure that I do not take tech for granted.
And remember that we don’t all have access to the same technology.

Tracy Rosen

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