Offer of Service 2016-17 – How can I help you?

We are at the beginning of an exciting year with all of the anticipation that new beginnings bring us!

Jack's 1st bus ride

I need your help in discovering teacher stories to document and make videos about as well as to collaborate on the creation of new PD Mosaic tiles to use throughout the province!

Last week I presented my action plan for the 2016-17 school year to my planning and evaluation committee (made up of directors, consultants, representatives from the ministry as well as from different associations in Adult Education) and it was accepted. This means I have crossed the starting line and hope to catch up with all of you on the front lines as soon as possible!

My plans for the year are very similar to last year’s plans. I do not believe in new projects each year, I prefer to look at deepening the work we do together each year and expanding on what we have already begun.

Avi Spector, our Regional Service to Adult Education, and I work closely together. Our visions are very much aligned and we strive to maintain a consistent vision in the work we do. It looks something like this:

Vision - RECIT Adult Ed English

Like last year, I still plan on documenting as many teacher and centre stories as possible. This year, the focus is shifting to stories about implementing the new programmes. I also want to add some student stories to the mix.
(You can see last year’s stories here: )

I also still plan on collaborating on a variety of PD Mosaic online resources. Again, there will be a broadening focus on implementation this year. Tiles on Reform Math Mindsets, Digital Citizenship, and different elements of Evaluation for Learning are already in progress.
(You can see the most recent PD Mosaic tiles here )

I also still plan on being involved in professional development at school boards, centres, conferences, and online as much as possible. Again, with a growing focus on new programme implementation.

Some of the themes that were highlighted last year are still current this year:
Teacher-centered, teacher-driven PD à la EdCamp (read more about that here – with videos: ) and with other methods (read more about that here – watch videos, too: )

Using stations to facilitate technology integration, differentiation, multi level teaching, and formative assessment (read a bit about that here, more resources will be added throughout the fall: )

Evaluation for learning (there are already two online resources available for this, more to come shortly! (Here is an intro: and here is one on triangulation of evidence: )

Some new themes that are emerging:

  • UDL
  • Learning Spacesdistance ed, classroom management, innovative classroom environments
  • Finding the Citizen in Digital Citizenship

Ideally – I would like to meet with you to come up with PD that is tailored for your community. The document below contains all of the resources and PD I was involved in last year if you are looking for ideas! (direct link to pdf: )

I am looking forward to working with you!

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  1. Looks like this will be another busy yet exciting year for you! We are happy to be working with you once again!

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